10 Top Tips For Property Investing

There are rich rewards to be reaped from property investment, especially in the current market. Follow these tried and tested tips to help you get the most out of your investment

Do Your Homework

Nothing makes for a better investment platform than solid research and a sound understanding of the property market. Start perusing property magazines, get along to seminars, and keep your ear to the ground for any hot property trends.

Get a Loan Pre-Approval

This is a key way to ensure you won’t miss out on the right property at the right time. A pre-approved home loan is a green light for buying and will also give you a realistic idea of your borrowing capacity.

Do the Rounds

When it comes to becoming a seasoned investor nothing can boost your proficiency more than experience. Visit as many properties as you can before putting cash on the table so you know how to spot a bargain – and a rip off.

Apartment Vs House

Decide whether you want to invest in an apartment or a house. There are pros and cons for both options; what may be a better investment will also depend on the area.

Old Versus New

Once again there are pros and cons for investing in new and established properties, so take the time to think about what will be best for you.

Location Location Location

A golden rule for a solid investment is to choose a property close to amenities: transport, supermarkets, schools and hospitals – the more nearby facilities, the better.

Think Tenants

Carefully consider the type of tenant you want to attract before deciding what and where to buy. So, for example, if you’re looking to attract professional tenants you’ll need to make sure your property appeals to that segment.

Maximize Your Finances

Your investment choice will depend on your own personal finances and financial goals, so speak to us about what might be the best strategy for you; also visit an accountant to learn about tax efficient investing – if you don’t have one we can help point you in the right direction.

Keep Some Cash on Hand

Once you’ve bought your property it’s crucial to maintain a slush fund for general maintenance as well as any surprise repair work that may pop up.

Keep Your Cool

While it may be tempting to snap up a bargain, it pays to take some time to negotiate. Don’t take the sale price without haggling – you’ll be surprised how far some sellers may come down.

3 Tips for a Successful Open For Inspection

Create the Right Feel in Your Home

It might sound like a challenge to host successful residential property open inspections during winter, but it could be easier than you think.

If you can create the right kind of environment when selling your property, you may attract a good number of potential offers by private treaty, or bids at auction.

When hosting inspections during the year’s cooler months, it pays to get a few things right in order to maximise interest in your property. Selling a house doesn’t have to be difficult, provided you put the groundwork in to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Pump up the Temperature

This tip is useful: To a degree.

While it’s essential to switch that heat pump on to make your home comfortably warm, you should exercise some restraint.

After all, you don’t want to make a space so hot that buyers get overheated. It’s important to strike a balance between too cold and too hot. Ideally, you’ll find a temperature somewhere in the middle that ensures potential buyers are perfectly comfortable.

An ideal temperature range is typically between 18 and 22 degrees celsius during a cool day. If it’s a particularly cold day, go for the upper end of this range. However, avoid blasting the heat pump at an exceedingly hot temperature – it’s not efficient and will make the space feel stuffy.

Get a Good Agent

If you present your home perfectly, ensure it’s warm and give buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in it, this could all go to waste without the right marketing strategy behind you.

Getting a good agent on board is a must if you want to host a successful open inspect. Not only can they explain what steps you need to take to present your home in the best manner possible, but they also have the right contacts and understanding of how to promote a property.

This is essential, as there’s no point setting the stage for a great performance if there’s no audience to enjoy the show!

A good agent can help drive interest in your property, so you get a favourable turn out at open inspections.

Lighten Up Honey

It’s a good idea to maximise natural light as much as possible and use artificial light as a secondary source of light, to accentuate the warmth and livability of your home.

Of course, there are fewer daylight hours during winter, which can make it difficult to schedule open inspections to embrace natural light. For this reason, consider hosting open inspections during weekends. Whether your property looks better in the morning or afternoon, you’ll be able to make the most of the natural light.

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